MU Music

This year, Sammy Adams will perform on Shadow Lawn to celebrate the end of the year, but not everyone is thrilled with the choice. Every year at Monmouth University, we see an up and coming artist perform at Springfest, and every year, we can hear someone complain that this isn’t what they listen to. The funny thing is that if you look at the last four years, we’ve had some variety, and that might actually reflect Monmouth’s taste very well.

Andy Grammar (2012) was a pop artist, The Ready Set (2013) leaned more towards rock while this year, the school has opted for rapper Sammy Adams. So what do Monmouth University students actually listen to?

Shayna Conde, a junior music major, likes to kick it old school. Conde said, “I love Billie Holiday, Anita O’Day, Peggy Lee. Those are my three top females.”

Angela Ciralo, a senior journalism major, agreed, though she was less specific. “I don’t listen to anyone specifically. I listen to the radio in my car and turn on Pandora on the computer. I like oldies.”

Pandora is a favorite among many students. Marilynn Garcia, a senior psychology major, said she listens to mostly indie music. “I just go to Pandora. I’ll put in The Neighborhood. I’ll put in Lorde or James Vincent McMorrow.”

Monmouth students certainly don’t just stick to our grandparents’ music. Casey Wolfe, junior PR major, loves all kinds of rock. “I listen to a lot of Luke Bryant, Florida Georgia Line, Randy Howser. That’s for country. Then I listen to A Day to Remember, Mayday Parade, anything in that genre [of punk pop].”

Take a walk around campus and you'll see plenty of students listening to music.

Take a walk around campus and you’ll see plenty of students listening to music.

Jessica Urspruch, a senior criminal justice major likes to stick to the typical Top 40 fare. “I like hip hop, pop, R&B, all of the above really.”

The thing that so many students seem to have in common, despite different tastes in music, is why they listen to music.

Conde believes that everything about music is appealing. She said, “I think it’s a form of expression that uses both words and sound…It’s fun, energetic, lively. There are so many different types of music that you can find what speaks to your heart, your soul, your spirit.”

Many students mentioned the appeal to emotions as a reason for loving music. Wolfe said, “I think it’s very important in people’s lives. I think it’s a way for people to express themselves. Even if they can’t play it, they can express themselves just by listening to it.”

So what does Monmouth like? Everything. No one could agree that the entire campus liked one artist. Wolfe noted that while she felt the campus listened to a lot of Top 40 radio, she wasn’t in a position to speak for the entire campus.

Amanda Caruso, a business major, said, “I don’t think I can name someone that all of us will like. Everyone has different tastes. Even if you do like a little of everything, there is always something that someone doesn’t like.”

Some people will love Springfest’s music and others won’t. If you don’t love it, just remember that the artist changes every year, and the university has (at least) four chances to find an artist you like. Not sure if you’ll like Sammy Adams? Decide for yourself.


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